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I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer (product design, webdesign, UX/UI design, graphic design) whose mind was ‘tainted’ by the clear, minimalist Scandinavian design. I love art and creating designs that not only please but also connect people.

- Product design
- User Experience design
- Visual conceptualization
- Interaction design


Covid-19 Health Check-in

A micro application for checking contractors as a part of the response to the pandemic

We developed the app for a specific customer at Totem Building Security, a commercial real estate risk management SaaS solution. As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the customer needed a micro-app to help them monitor the health of their contractors who come into the buildings..


Permission level-based unique interface

Dashboard and UI design for the different user groups based on their role and permission level

I created user and permission groups for new team members so the system has a clear understanding, which users should see which interface. With the user role-based work interface, users only see the necessary functions and information. With less unnecessary information, all the key dashboard features are visible on the top level, raising efficiency.


API integration on security systems

Dashboard design for the different API integrated control systems

We redesigned the monitoring interface for one of Totem Building Security's clients, IB. With the new Niagara control system API, they have a more up to date and reliable overview of the managed portfolio without the possible human errors.


Directory for sustainable suppliers

Creating a directory for GreenHive, a company who prides itself finding the best sustainable suppliers and help entrepreneurs to find them.

The goal was to create a filterable directory for each business sector, and to give a place for each supplier to shine. I wanted to create a page that appeals to both suppliers and enterpreneurs.


Interface design for Southeast Asian College

Color coded navigation system between the different parts of the website

Southeast Asian College (SACI for short) is a school in the Philippines for paramedical and hospitality students. Their website was very outdated both on the interface and on the experience. I have created a menu system that is intuitive for the visitors to find their way.


Wedding music booking system

A multi-choice booking system for a company of musicians who specialized in providing music for weddings

I was asked to develop a booking system to the RedSoda website providing different wedding music packages for all sizes and all kind of ceremonies.


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