API integration on security systems

Dashboard design for the different API integrated control systems


Totem Building Security


February 2021 – May 2021


Figma, Adobe Creative Suit


Interface Designer

We redesigned the monitoring interface for one of Totem Building Security's clients, IB. With the new Niagara control system API, they have a more up to date and reliable overview of the managed portfolio without the possible human errors.


The risk monitoring for each type of risk management software was originally a manual and complicated process of audits and surveys. After checking the system, the team members had to go through a long list of questions to make sure the system is up to date. Because of this manual connection between each monitoring system and the dashboard, it was more prone to human error, delays or no data at all.


With the cooperation of the developers and the use of Niagra monitoring software, I built a dashboard that can visualize all the automatic information from the control chips. After receiving the initial user flow based on user research my co-designer has done, I was responsible for low- and high-fidelity mockups and communicating with the developers about the possibilities and the best solutions.

Methods we used

  • User research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Research on Niagra integrations


  • Overview for each system
  • Server management
  • Audits
  • Downloadable reports


I was a part of a 2 people design team as we recreated the entire user control system panel for Totem Building Security. My role was to create a new dashboard, based on the research my co-worker has done.

Permission levels

Icons by control system type

Functionality and status icons

High fidelity mockups

Final outcome

With the new automated monitoring system, the user has a more up to date and reliable overview of the managed portfolio.

API integration

Successfull check in

With the new API connected system management, it is easier for the building manager to have an immediate and constant overview of all the systems. I was focusing on creating a dashboard that has all the information they need without being overwhelming. By clicking on each section, there is a possibility to go deeper and get more detailed information on each system.


This project is at the testing phase at the moment, we are collecting data on how the user interacts with the mew system.