TheGuarantors - New Renters insurance flow

Creating a better user journey for the renters insurance product




July 2022 – December 2022




UX/UI Designer - User testing

The Renters insurance product needed a facelift and a new user flow. My role was to create user research, decide on a new flow, create low and high fidelity prototypes and do an other round of user testing on the new flow.


According to user research I have done, the customers had some problems understanding the flow of the journey. This was both because of the unnecessarily long process and the terminology that was used explaining each component. Due to this, abandoned cart rate was very high.
There were also no cross selling options between the other TheGuarantors products, so customers rarely found the company actually sold Renters insurance.


Using data from the previously conducted user research, I have created user personas. Based on this, I have determined that the best user flow.
After this, I have created low fidelity mockups, to discuss it with the team. Working closely with the product owner and the product manager as well as the development team, I created high fidelity prototypes for both desktop, tablet and mobile views.
At the end of the process, I have used Maze and Dovetail to conduct extensive user testing on the new flow.

Methods we used

  • User research
  • User personas
  • Usability testing


  • Possibility to finish the flow in less than 2 minutes
  • Possibility to tailor insurance to all needs


I was responsible for the whole process, from user research to high fidelity mock ups and user testing at the end.


I wanted to create a process, where the user can tailor the insurance to their needs but also quickly go through the process if they don't have specific needs.

User journey

Based on the personas, I have created a shorter and more streamlined process, where the user can choose between predesigned packages. They have the choice after, to edit the packages or just use them as they are.

Previous journey Updated journey

High fidelity mockups




Final outcome

Updated landing page

The new landing page were created to provide more useful information at a first glance, not just statistic information. The old landing page was confusing and according to feedback, didn't provide enough information for users who are not familiar with the concept of renters insurance.


During this process, I have learnt a lot about our users and how they think. I also learnt a lot working with a very minimalistic design system.
Aligning company goals with user needs and UI recquiremnts were also very eye opening.

With the cleaner new UI and more straightforward user journey, drop rates are lower by 40% and with the cross-selling points, there are 25% more customers start the journey.