Interface design for Southeast Asian College

Color coded navigation system between the different parts of the website


Southeast Asian College


January 2021 – April 2021


Figma, Adobe Creative Suit, Wordpress


Interface Designer - Wordpress developer

Southeast Asian College (SACI for short) is a school in the Philippines for paramedical and hospitality students. Their website was very outdated both on the interface and on the experience. I have created a menu system that is intuitive for the visitors to find their way.


SACI needed a redesign for their website, and with the new navigations system, it is easy for the visitors to tell which part or which course they are viewing. The requirement was to showcase each course separately. Having pain-points such as unaligned and missing components, as well as a lack of initially establishing both a proper grid and typography system, multiple interpretations of the website did emerge.


I was responsible with redesigning the newest iteration of the website by establishing key foundational pieces. This includes a design language, clear strategy, established sources of documentation as well as methods to reinforce importance. I have assigned a primarily blue colour for the general parts of the website, a green one for any kind of contact or sign-up information then I have made a complementary pastel palette for the individual courses.

Design system

By analyzing their components, the site was lacking a strong foundation. Organizing the style guide consists of re-establishing the typographic system, icon library, colour palette and card + shadow styles.


To make navigation easier, the main features of the site utilised a primary blue color, while the courses used secondary pastel colors.


I chose a simple font to make sure easy readability and professional look.

High fidelity mockups

Final outcome

By initializing the establishment of the website's design system, I made sure that visitors have a pleasant experience visiting the site.

Menu system

The colored menu works well with the horizontal secondary menu system. It creates a fresh, new layout for the website.