Wedding music booking system

A multi-choice booking system for a company of musicians who specialized in providing music for weddings


Flynk (RedSoda)


February 2019 – March 2019


Sketch, Adobe Creative Suit


Interface Designer

I was asked to develop a booking system to the RedSoda website providing different wedding music packages for all sizes and all kind of ceremonies.


How can we improve the booking experience for couples already stressed from organizing a wedding? Previously, RedSoda only had a contact form. This was a problem because they offer a wide range of possible music combinations. They needed a system where customers can look at all the packages and be able to visualize how this part would look on their big day. Without a booking system that’s connected to the calendar, double booking was also a problem.


I created storyboards of scenarios and sketched different interaction patterns for different package options. I worked together with the developers to create integrated calendars on both the client and the company's side. With not only the date of the ceremony but for call-back, final confirmation and payment day, too, to create a stress-free organized system. I have created low- and high-fidelity mockups.

Methods we used

  • Competitive analysis


  • Music packages to pick from for every need
  • Integrated calendar on both sides
  • Confirmation call included in the booking


My role was to redesign the user journey through the RedSoda booking system.


What I wanted to create was a system that hand-holds the user right through the booking process. I have researched multiple wedding bands and how their booking system works. What I have decided on was a form with the chosen information displayed on the side. It helps the user keep track, whats parts are already done, and if the estimate fits their budget.

Low-fidelity mockups

Final outcome

For the outcome, I have been in constant contact with RedSoda. Their feedback on the mockups helped me to make the system as simple as possible.

Booking system

There are 3 main music aspects of a wedding, singers, ceremony music and reception music. The booking system guides the customer through each step, one by one. It is possible to choose 3 options for the singer, making sure that one would be available on the big day. For the reception music, one can use a slider to decide on the number of musicians to make sure customers stay within their budget. Each option is a sample video, so couples can listen to it, making sure it is the right fit.


Since the new booking system is implemented, 12% decrease in booking abandonment and 58% increase in confirmed and paid bookings.